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Throughout the life cicle of a customer interaction, it can pass through various salespeople or teams, often making it complex to understand the context in order to continue the interaction without needing to ask the customer for some information again or scroll through the conversation to read previously sent messages.

For this reason, in the article, we will illustrate how to use the "Conversation Summary" feature.

View Conversation Summary

As we mentioned above, after receiving a forwarded interaction, you will be able to view this conversation summary component as shown in the image below.

As you can see, there is an option "View Full Summary."

When you click on it, a tab will open in the lower area of the device, giving you access to the entire summary of the ongoing interaction.

Another highly important functionality for us is the evaluation of the feature's usefulness.

Below the summary, you will have the option to evaluate whether the summary was helpful to you or not. Your feedback is crucial for us to continue enhancing the intelligence behind our features.

To evaluate, simply click on the thumbs buttons. We are counting on your input.

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